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Catalog Number Product Name Strength
SJB02 Human Interleukin 4 (rHuIL-4) 10μg, 30μg, 100μg
SJC01 Human Interferon α-2α 20μg, 100μg
SJE01 Human SOD 250μg
SJF05 Mouse GM-CSF 10μg, 50μg
SJA01 Human GM-CSF (rHuGM-CSF) 10µg, 50µg
SJB03 Human Interleukin 2 (rHuIL-2) 10KU
SJC02 Human Interferon α-2b 20μg, 100μg
SJE02 Enterokinase 1000U
SJF06 Mouse IFN α-4 20μg
SJA03 Human TNF-α (rHuTNF-α) 25µg, 50µg
SJB03 Human Interleukin 2 (rHuIL-2) 10μg, 50μg
SJC03 Human Interferon γ 20μg, 100μg
SJE04 TEV Protease 1000U
SJF07 Mouse Interleukin-7 10μg
SJA04 Human PDGF-BB (rHuPDGF-BB) 10μg
SJB04 Human Interleukin 3 (rHuIL-3) 10μg
SJE05 Luciferase 0.5mg
SJG01 Hirudin 1mg
SJB05 Human Interleukin 8 (rHuIL-8) 25μg
SJG03 Staphylococcal Protein G 10mg,100mg,1g.
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