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Research and Innovation

Since its establishment, Amoytop Biotech has been focusing on recombinant protein medicines and their long-acting modification. After continuous building and improving its R&D team and R&D system, Amoytop Biotech’s functional modules, including R&D Center, Medical Development Center, Manufacturing Center and Quality Center, are able to cover every step in the R&D of innovative drugs, from scientific discovery, laboratory trial, pilot trial, preclinical and clinical trial to industrialization. All modules are operated and connected through Core Technology Platform and projects, forming a closed loop for R&D cycle.
R&D Team
  • Insisting on constant innovation and development, Amoytop Biotech has built up a research and development team for therapeutic recombinant proteins and relevant long-acting modified innovative drugs, which was selected as the "Innovation Team in Priority Fields" (No. 2013RA4020) of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Since the 11th five-year plan, this team has undertaken nine projects of Significant New Drugs Development, which are National Major Scientific and Technological Special Projects; and has 5 long-acting pegylated protein drugs approved for clinical study, among which Mipeginterferon alfa-2b has already been in the market. Amoytop Biotech has become a leading biopharmaceutical company in the field of pegylated protein drugs in China.

    Amoytop Biotech owns a professional research and development center—Xiamen Biosteed Gene Transformation Tech. Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, it has established a postdoctoral research station and national-local joint research center, possessing sufficient talent reserves to make breakthroughs in core technologies.

R&D Management​​​​​​​

According to company's development strategy, Amoytop Biotech has built a complete research and development system of innovative drug based on the characteristics, life cycle management and trends in regulatory requirements of recombinant protein drugs, covering the development of drug upstream & downstream technology, quality and druggability research, preclinical and clinical research, and industrialization research.


Focusing on the treatment of major diseases and the development of innovative protein drugs to meet clinical treatment request, especially for viral hepatitis, malignant tumors and immune diseases, Amoytop Biotech has established a comprehensive research and development system to ensure sustainable development in new drug R&D field.

Innovation Achievements

After over 20 years of innovation and development, Amoytop Biotech now owns core technology platforms such as pegylated recombinant protein modification platform, protein drugs manufacturing platform and drug screening and optimization platform, as well as multiple protein expression platforms and cloning platform. Continuous and high investment in research and development brings Amoytop Biotech not only the sustainability in the field of new drug R&D, but also the foundation and potential to make breakthroughs in key technologies.

Up to now, Amoytop Biotech and its subsidiaries have a total of 12 invention patents, including multiple PCT patents, covering China, Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions; it has also undertaken and successfully completed 18 national key projects, including National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) and Special Project for Significant New Drug.
Specialized in R&D and production of recombinant protein drugs, and committed to providing better solutions for viral hepatitis, malignant tumor and immunotherapy etc..
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